The Musicians...

We have had many incarnations playing for dances over the years, including working under such names as:

and even...

currently we are...

Derek - Over 20 years of playing melodeon for Barn Dances, Ceilidhs, writing music and plays using local traditional music and themes.

Frank - Frank has been playing for an almost equal number of years - including spells with a BBC orchestra and various other folk dance and ceilidh bands.

Richard - Richard has been playing with folk bands ever since he discovered the 'true way' and gave up with classical music. Most recently he was a member of Boldwood.

Tony - A keen advocate of all things folk! Tony has had many years playing for folk bands, most recently with The Committee Band.

Dave - 30 years playing Bass guitar for Barn Dances and Ceilidhs.

Emilia - Our new young flautist - so young she makes everyone else feel ancient! She has still managed to run up many years playing both flute and piano. She is a regular with the Newbury Flute Choir.

Julia - Not a musician in any way! She has developed her front of house skills by working at the Watermill Theatre in Newbury and her years as a management accountant has given her almost enough skills to cope with the band ... but not quite!